Author: Anurag Dubey

Freelance Digital Marketing – A Dynamic Business opportunity in 2021

Note: This Blog,What is Freelance Digital Marketing  is a part of Digital Deepak (Pixeltrack and now Learn Today) SEO Training  Program, Bangalore undertaken by me under Mr Sanjay Shenoy(Co-founder of Pixeltack and now Learn Today,Bangalore)from April 2020 to June 2020.     Digital Marketing is a highly competitive field to get into. There are many […]

Instructional Design 2021 — The Ultimate and Important Digital Interactive Learning program for Education

The process of  Instructional Design consists broadly of determining the current state and the needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some intervention to assist in the transition.

The Effect of Corona Virus Pandemic

  Let us look at some of the headlines that coronavirus made in the newspapers for the last two months. Death Toll in China, the birthplace of this coronavirus raises to 3000 with the number of confirmed cases 80,400. Italy has the second-highest number of deaths from Coronavirus, 1016 of 15,113 confirmed cases, after mainland […]

Digital Deepak Internship Program — Assignment 2

Hello everybody at Digital Deepak Internship Program. After the hectic first assignment at, Digtal Deepak Internship Program it is time for all of us to march ahead and complete assignment number 2. So once again we had a live webinar with Mr Deepak Kanakaraju, this time from Delhi where he was attending a Digital Marketing […]

Education in India — A Historical Perspective till 2021

  Early education in India commenced under the supervision of ‘Guru“. Initially, education was hospitable all and seen together of the methods to realize Moksha or enlightenment. Later due to the superiority complex, education was imparted on the basis of castes with the Brahmins learning about scriptures, Kshatriya the art of warfare, The Vaishya learned […]

Digital Deepak Internship Program 1

  Digital Deepak Internship Program February 25, 2020 will start a new phase in my marketing career as it has introduced me to the new type of marketing “ The Digital Marketing”.  Not that the concept of digital marketing  is totally new to me, but the lessons which I learnt in the course that I […]