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Hi everyone,

My name is Anurag Dubey. I stay in India in a small town, Jabalpur , a place famous for its Marble Rocks . However I was born in Delhi and have done all my education in Delhi .

I am Graduate in economics from Delhi University and have done Post graduate Diploma in Communications from CIMS, Noida. That was way back in the 1990’s.

I have been working in private companies in sales and marketing. The era when I graduated from college was of Liberalisation and I too like most of the youths at my time were swept by the winds of change sweeping all over the world  towards a free economy .

I worked in different direct marketing associates of Multinational bank’s credit cards. Later our family shifted to Jabalpur , our new home town. Here also I worked for different private companies in sales and marketing.

Surprisingly I and most of the people around me  considered me as Introvert, a person with few words, emotionally unattached, follow the rules sort of guy . Not a person who can do sales and marketing. The perception at that time was that only persons  who are Smart or maybe act Smart, Outward looking , Extrovert , Outspoken, Talkative can do sales and marketing. Well the perception changed gradually as India developed into a free market economy.

I was not a sort of a guy who could go along having a girlfriend despite being tall again an incorrect perception at that time that tall guys get all girlfriends, but thin and staying in cosmopolitan Delhi. Well my experience show that short guys tend to be more appealing to girls than tall guys. Tall girls are more attracted to short or medium height guys than tall guys. Maybe it is Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan Syndrome. Amitabh Bachchan is tall with a short wife but never had a girlfriend  while Salman Khan is a medium height guy with a Tall Girlfriend but no wife.

It may go for other characteristics too like Black and white , extrovert and Introvert . Maybe I should have  read a book on how to make a girlfriend then and may have succeeded in making one then.

Why I am telling you this is that making a girlfriend was a new Fad then, others being smoking, drinking , freaking out, listening to english music  among the teenagers then.

I like reading books , mostly english novels and also few management related books . Watching T.V.  and english movies was another past time that  I developed  as a teenager. It all depends upon your friend circle and what kind of standing you have among your friends.

Travelling and visiting places was what  I was craving for, but it only remained a distant dream. Never travelled much. Mostly remained indoors . Even my job which required a lot of travelling was basically intercity in bus and two wheelers with no sight seeing. It has been a dull life after taking my Job.

I am single even at this age of 50 . Most of you will be surprised I stayed alone in my house with no other person for the past 4 years . How I am doing it surprises me as well.

Well I did it !

Well I did it !

It was in the last 10 years when the bug Internet marketing hit me. I just did all what was required of an Internet Marketer . Has my presence in Facebook, Linked in, Twitter , Instagram, Has my first website in hotmail and later transferred it on wordpress

https://anuragjbp.wordpress.com. Well it is free and is still there. I used to write articles just as  a hobby . I did not earn from this website but it helped me to run some basics of the internet. 

I joined an affiliate marketing company sfi marketing group.

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It is until recently I started my another website  , this time a paid one


My niche here is Career linked education and Digital Marketing

In case if you want to know more about my Professional and educational Qualifications, here is the link to my Resume.



Thank you

Anurag Dubey