Author: Anurag Dubey

Doctors 2023- Different career paths for this dynamic and rewarding career

Doctors are the best things that have happened to this world. I am not saying this because we love doctors or are eager to visit them but because of their profession which is held in high esteem by society and especially in the medical community. Doctors are revered and their profession is prestigious and highly […]

Pharmacist Career 2023 – Welcome to dynamic and enterprising world

  If there is one career that has always been thriving and growing, then it is the Pharmacist Career. This is despite the fact that Pharmacists have been underestimated and have not attained recognition that should have in the medical healthcare sector where only doctors and nurses are revered. Most have a wrong notion about […]

Astronautical Engineer 2023– How you can be part of this Dynamic and Exhilarating career?

  We have come a long way from the day we sent our first man-made satellite to Space. The satellite was named Sputnik. It was launched on October 4,1957.  Since then, we have never looked back at launching satellites. We sent Satellites and men to Space and Moon. We have sent satellites to Mars, to […]

Oceanography 2023– An exciting and exhilarating career

An Oceanographer is a scientist who studies the ocean. The subject that an oceanographer primarily focuses on in his research is called Oceanography. Oceanography science is the research of different aspects of ocean to better understand how it works and how it affects other parts of life, such as the weather or erosion along the […]

Storekeeper 2023 — An introduction to the dynamic inventory management

In today’s world, where the manufacturing industry is the backbone to our economy, maintaining inventory has become a must for all industries. It will take us an immense awareness of certain expectations to keep guard of things with us and realise which and where things belong. That is what a Storekeeper does in their everyday […]