Data entry clerk 39- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

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Data entry is a computer process that converts data into information or knowledge. In today’s corporate world with cutthroat competition the need for accurate and updated data has become a critical issue for all the companies big or small.  Here is where the role of data entry clerk has become central to the process. 

What are the types of Data entry jobs? 

Since there are different types of data entry jobs the role can vary from one industry to another. Some of the types of data entry jobs are:

  • Data Entry Clerk 

This type of job involves inputting of information which can be alphabetic or numeric, from one format to another and usually by keyboarding. 

  • Data Entry Keyer 

Data entry Keyer  enters or scans figures or data into computer software systems, often from other documents such as hard copies or paper documents. 

  • Transcriptionist 

Transcriptionist is a word-based job that involves listening to recordings and transcribing the information into reports or other word documents. 

  • Word Processor/Typist

The key duty of Typist is basic typing that includes entering information for text documents, correspondence and reports. 

Who are Data entry clerks? 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

The Data entry clerks are valuable “behind the scenes” members of the corporate team who are responsible for inputting data from various sources into a database, ensuring that all necessary data are being entered and maintained accurately, thoroughly and timely.  The date entry clerks also must verify and edit data as needed. The data entry clerks also perform some general office tasks like scanning documents and answering phones.  

What does a Data Entry clerk do?

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

Data entry duties and responsibilities  are the most important part of the Data entry clerk  job description. These are  


  • Review, check and process invoices for payout 


  • Index invoices and file them in the appropriate places 


  • Identify unpaid invoices and notify the appropriate parties 


  • Disperse and monitor petty cash resources 


  • Evaluate and process expense reports from employees and executives 


  • Prepare checks for disbursement 


  • Maintain accurate and thorough vendor records 


  • Evaluate and approve POs 


  • Establish positive rapport with employees and vendors 


  • Fill in on AR side when needed 


 How can you become a Data Entry Clerk? 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career 

In order to become a Data entry clerk, you have to have certain Data entry skills and qualifications. 

This may include education, previous job experience, certifications and technical and soft skills. You may also require certain personality traits to qualify for this job. Here are a few qualifications and skills that you may require. 

  • At least 3 years data entry experience  


  • High school diploma or Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance 


  • 10-key (Numpad) speed of at least 8,000 KPH with minimal errors 


  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in financial matters 


  • Excellent Bookkeeping and organizational skills 


  • Comfortable with accepting and applying constructive criticism 


  • Advanced mathematical skills 


  • Strong computer skills 


  • Comfortable with office equipment like computers, scanners, calculator, telephone and photocopiers. 


  • Analytical thinking 


  • Strong attention to details. 


What courses are best for Data entry clerk 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career


Although data entry clerk positions do not require specific certifications, professionals can gain skills by enrolling in a Data entry certificate program at a technical school or college. 


Here are few of the courses related to Data entry which are also online. 


  • Data Entry Course for Beginners by Udemy 


  • Learn Data entry & launch a successful home-based business by Udemy 


  • R Programming – A Practical Approach by IIT Kanpur 


  • Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations 


  • Certificate Program in HR Analytics by Manipal Pro learn 


  • Microsoft Excel – Basic & Advanced 


  • Capstone: Analyzing (Social) Network Data by Coursera 


  • UI Design Patterns for Successful Software by Interaction Design Foundation 


  • Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations by  edx 


  • Microsoft Excel – Basic & Advanced by Go skills 


  • Domestic Data Entry Operator- Hindi by Skills India  


Scope of Data entry clerk 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

Data entry in India is a fast-growing industry. It is a preferred destination for IT and IT related business. 

Since India is an IT hub of the world and a preferred destination for IT and IT related business, there is a tremendous scope for Data entry clerks in India. Data plays a fundamental role in the IT sector and is a critical area that demands expertise of a Data entry clerk. Skilled data entry processes can streamline your business and help it move more seamlessly, saving time, money and giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

Data entry in India encompasses a broad range of services like basic data entry, data processing, data conversion, database entry, image entry, data entry online, based on survey, company reports, insurance claims etc. 

There are different data entry scenarios: 


  • Creation of data representation through manual data entry procedures 


  • Changing pattern of data from existing representatives 


  •  Identification of specific patterns of online data and extraction through automated processes 


  • Intelligent data entry – An approach towards the goal of understanding human thinking.  


  • Data entry online. 

What are the Benefits of Data Entry? 

The benefits of Data entry are given below: 


  • Data entry helps in the process of research & analysis 


  • Data entry helps in generating information from across the web 


  • Conversion of raw data into digital data is done through data entry. This digital data can be processes in various industrial sectors 


  • It helps in electronic word processing. 


  • Online data entry can be made use of in some cases for data retrieval. 


  • Data entry Facilitates data migration. A company can upgrade or make relevant changes to the data.


Where can you find jobs for Data entry clerks? 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career


If you have great keyboarding skills and other qualifications as stated above data entry may be a solid career for you to consider. Data entry clerk jobs can take you into variety of industries as employers across many sectors hire for these positions. 

Industries that hire Data entry clerks 

  • Medical and Health

The employers include hospitals, medical centers and diagnostic labs and clinics. 

  • Administrative 

Data entry clerks can work in office Settings. They can also required to do other office jobs like answering phones or performing receptionist duties. 

  • Accounting and Finance 

Financial institutions also hire data entry clerks that deal with tax preparation, auditing, corporate finances, payroll and accounts payable. 

  • Government and Politics 

Local and state governments as well as the central government hire data entry clerks for public record keeping for elections.

  • Retail and Sales 

Inventory, online sales, collection and logistics all ply a major role in retail and sales. The employers in these industries hire for data entry jobs. 


Data entry jobs Websites

In case you are looking for a career as a Data entry clerk, here is the collection of data entry jobs sites where you can work and earn. Here is the best online job for Data entry for 2022: 

  • Mega Typers 

Mega Typers offers data entry services to private and governmental institutions. This website provides services such as Image-to-text recognition, transcription from voice to text and data entry.  

This website is most suitable for students, people in between jobs and parents that need supplementary income. You can earn around USD 250 per month and receive through Debit cards, PayPal Web Money, Ayza, and Western Union. 

  • Scribie 

Scribie offers translation, transcription and data entry services to businesses at affordable prices. If you are really interested in becoming a data entry professional, this transcription and data entry site is the right one. 

You can earn a decent amount of money here. But you must be fluent in English language.  

Your job responsibilities include audio files into text, verifying the transcript matches the audio, correctly identifying each speaker in the transcript and label them and correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical mistakes in the transcript.

  • Lion Bridge 

Lion bridge connects the experts from their respective fields with the brands and companies. To find jobs on Lionbridge you need to create your free account. You can browse data entry jobs, data annotation jobs, online translation jobs and many more. 

The website offers you flexible working hours, steady income, and jobs in over 300 languages from around the world. 

  • MTurk 

Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform of Amazon and one of the top legit online data entry jobs’ sites. It is an internationally trusted brand that guarantees payment on time. It makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and connect through virtual jobs. 

You can find various online jobs such as data entry jobs, data processing and analysis jobs that you can complete from your home. 

  • Transcribe Me 

Transcribe Me is a platform that connects businesses with employees and vice-versa. If you are interested in online jobs such as data entry, data transcription, and data translation jobs Transcribe Me is a a right kind of place.

  • REV 

Rev is one of the top 10 data entry jobs sites that bridge the gap between skilled freelancers and customers. 

Rev is widely acclaimed by brands such as Forbes and The New York Times. It offers people freedom to work from home. You can work on schedule and get paid weekly. 

You can join as a freelancer and find hundreds of jobs in data entry, transcription, foreign subtitles and live captions for zoom. 

  • Fiverr 

Fiverr is yet another top 10 online data entry jobs sites for freelancers.

You have to create a freelancer account with your details. You need to regularly update your details so the employers and businesses can approach you for the work of data entry, and transcription jobs. 

  • Upwork 

In Upwork you can browse from more than 5838 remote data entry jobs sites. You need to create your free account and apply as a freelancer. 

Once you have created your profile, you can browse and apply from a pool of jobs available on the platform. 

  • is one of the top 10 data entry job sites in India with more than 15,170 data entry job openings. You can directly search your job through a keyword. 

You can check job details such a s your roles and responsibilities. You can check the company’s details, position, experience, location and skills required. 

  • Indeed 

Indeed is one of the best online data entry jobs websites with over 250 million per month visitors. This website is widely acclaimed by top recruiters worldwide. You can search for jobs using keywords and the location. 

  • Freelancer 

Freelancer is a platform that connects freelancers with businesses. You can find several online data entry jobs on freelancer within minutes using keywords. 

You can use advanced filters such as skills, languages to find your preferred jobs in just few clicks. 

  • Click worker 

Click worker is regarded as one of the best independent contractors’ platforms offering a wide range of services. 

Click worker also offers data entry services and provides data entry jobs to interested applicants. Thus, you can do data entry jobs along with other related jobs such as copy editing, proofreading and so on. 

What is the average salary of a Data entry clerk? 

In India the average  data entry clerk salary in India  is Rs 180,000 per year or Rs 92.31 per hour. At the entry level you can earn Rs 156,000 per year which can later increase to Rs 289,8000 per year as you gain experience. 

Here is the list of salary structures for data entry clerks based on sampling. 


Job Title  Salary 
Online Data Entry Job Data Entry salaries – 99 salaries reported  ₹17,500/mo. 
Fresher Data Entry salaries – 70 salaries reported  ₹15,552/mo. 
Freelancer Data Entry salaries – 56 salaries reported  ₹118/hr. 


What is the future for Data entry Clerks? 

Data entry clerk 2022- Your entry into a Dynamic Career

As the economy continues to grow the demand for data entry clerks and other professionals will continue to rise. Data entry jobs can be found everywhere in part-time, freelance, temporary, and full-time roles across various fields.

Automation and Manual data entry has to coexist. Automation is spawning data entry and causing major technological disruption in this domain. According to a report published by Garner, the AI-derived value would reach 3.9 trillion dollars by 2022.