Cable television service and maintenance technicians 2024-- A Prolific and Dynamic career

Cable television technicians 2024– A Prolific and Dynamic career

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We all love to watch television. It is our favorite pastime. Since ages we as a family sat together and watched our favorite programs like serials, songs and movies  in our living room on television. The rapid growth of Cable Television, Satellite telecast and private television channels  that started during the nineties in India only strengthen this trend . This growth of cable television created a spurt in the demand for Cable television  technicians.

What is Cable Television Network?

Cable Television Networks are systems that transmit television signals through coaxial cables to homes and businesses.The subscribers to these network get a wide range of channels and services including live TV, on-demand content, and interactive features that a mainstream television channel cannot provide.Now days cable TV networks use a combination of fibre-optic cables and coaxial cables to transmit signals from a central hub to individual households.

What are Cable television technicians?

Cable television service and maintenance technicians 2024-- A Prolific and Dynamic career

Cable television service  technicians are technical persons who have an expertise to install, maintain and repair cable and satellite television and internet signals and associated equipment like set up box and dish antennas in homes and commercial buildings.

Cable television maintenance technicians  do the after service like maintaining and repairing cable television transmission and distribution systems and associated hardware.

Both are employed by the Cable and Satellite television companies. They work in these companies under different designation as cable television installer, cable television service provider , CATV technician, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technician, cable television installation technician, cable television maintenance technician, etc.

Cable television service technicians Job Description

Here are some of the tasks that cable television service technicians perform.

⦁    It is their responsibility to communicate with subscribers and company personnel to determine work assignments.

⦁    Cable television service technicians connect,disconnect, relocate cable outlets. They install splitters,converters,decoders,satellite and pay TV equipment and other cable hardware for the subscribers.

⦁    They install modems and software to enable Internet access at our premises.

⦁    They also inspect,test and repair cable and satellite television signals and associated at our premises.

Cable television maintenance technicians Job Description

Here are the duties of the cable television maintenance technicians.

⦁    The cable television maintenance technicians maintain and repair main aerial and underground coaxial and fibre- optic cable television transmission lines, trunking and related distribution and interconnecting systems include power supplies and amplifiers.

⦁    It is their duty to inspect, monitor, test and adjust cable transmission and distribution systems.

⦁    The maintenance technicians repair, replace faulty cables,power supplies, lifiers and other associated transmission and distribution equipment.

⦁    They communicate with other workers to coordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments.


How can you become Cable Television Service and Maintenance technicians?

Cable Television Service and Maintenance technicians

Here are some of the skills that are required to become a cable television service and maintenance technician.

⦁    Customer service skill

Since a cable technician requires frequent interaction with existing subscribers and to develop new customers you will have to have good communication skills and ability to offer excellent customer service to the customers will help you to keep your customers happy as well their good feedback will help you get more new customers.

⦁    Problem solving skills

Providing quick and efficient solutions to the customers is very important in retaining them. All the problems of the customers must be solved in a calm and effective manner.

⦁    System Installation

As a cable technician you must be able to install the cable system and set new systems for your clients.This skill will require you to understand the different tools and equipment, materials, and processes for different kind of installation.Also you must be able to set up and repair fibre- optic, copper, and coaxial cables. You must be able to use them with modulators,multiplexers and telephone systems.

⦁    Communication skills

You must have excellent communication skills in order to interact with your customers and work with your colleagues.

Education qualifications for Cable television technicians

Here are the steps for you to become a Cable Technician

⦁    Complete your High School

To become a cable technician you must have to at least pass your 10+2 exam.

⦁    Complete your graduation or apprenticeship in electronics

You must either complete your graduation in electronics


You can combine your graduation, correspondence or industry courses related to electronics and electrical systems and on-the – job- training.


You can complete a four year cable television technician apprenticeship program if required.

⦁    Get Trade Certifications

After you complete your apprenticeship program, you can also apply for various certification programs for electricians or related fields issued by provisional regulatory bodies.Some companies require their employees to undergo a Certified Network Cable Installer(CNCI) certification.Under CNCI program, individuals get training on network cable infrastructure installations,terminations and testings, industry standards and best practices.Most cable technicians receive training in areas such as cable system troubleshooting and repairs, customer service , copper cabling and fibre-optic installations.

Some of the popular certificate and training programs for cable TV network technicians in India are given below.

  1.   Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) Certifications
  2.   National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Certifications

⦁    Apply to various positions

You can now apply to various companies after completing your apprenticeship program and certification.


List of institutions offering Cable TV Network technician courses .

Here are a few institutes that offer cable TV technician training and courses in India.

⦁    Savitribai Phule Pune University

⦁    Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College, Kolkata

⦁    BBS College Of Engineering And Technology BBSCET, Allahabad

⦁    Greater Kolkata College Of Engineering & Management, Baruipur

⦁    Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI), New Delhi

⦁    Madras University Cable Tv Network Technician Course ,Madras University, Chennai

Why to become a Cable TV Network Technician?

Cable Television Service and Maintenance technicians

Let us look at the market scenario of Cable Television in both Global and Indian context.

Global Market Overview

Like in any other career-path we choose to follow, the first question that arises in our mind is whether Cable Technician is a good career. We are curious to know because of the time,hard work  and money that we are going to put into this career.Here are the facts of Cable TV Market.

The Global Market of broadcasting and Cable TV is valued at US $ 298.18 Billion in 2023. It is projected to reach US$ 371.4 Billion by 2030.The growth rate of the market is expected to be about 3.2 % annually during this period.

The US, China and European Market play a key role in this period and control the major share of the market.

The Global Broadcasting and Cable Television market has been witnessing a high growth in recent years. The main reasons are attributed to factors like increasing environmental concerns,government incentives, and advancements in technology.

The Broadcasting and Cable TV market presents opportunities for various stakeholders. This includes TV advertising and Subscriptions.The growing demand from the consumer has led to this growth.The growth on high speed internet has made it possible for the customers to watch television series online.

Here is the market segmentation of the Broadcasting and Cable Television by Type and Application between period 2019 and 2030.

Market Segment by Type

⦁    Terrestrial Television

⦁    Cable TV

⦁    Satellite Television.

Market Segment by Application

⦁    TV advertising

⦁    Subscriptions

⦁    Others

Market segment by Region and Country

⦁    North America ( US, Canada, Mexico)

⦁    Europe(Germany,France, UK, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)

⦁    Asia- Pacific(China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia,Rest of APAC)

⦁    The Middle East  and Africa( Middle East, Africa)

⦁    South and Central America(Brazil, Argentina, Rest of SCA)

The Major Global  in Cable Companies in the Market.

⦁    Vivendi SA

⦁    British Broadcasting Corporation

⦁    Viacom

⦁    British Sky Broadcasting Group

⦁    Time Warner

Indian Market Overview

In India, the Broadcasting and Cable TV market was valued at US$ 13.61 billion in 2023. The market is anticipated to grow at the annual growth rate of 7.85% in the period of 2013 and 2029.

The broadcast of free-to-air television is governed through state-owned Prasar- Bharti corporation, with the Doordarshan group of channels being the only broadcaster.Therefore cable television is the primary source of entertainment in India.

In 2020 there were 103 million cable television households across India. The Indian cable television is 100% digital which has led to the proliferation of High definition and Ultra High Definition channels.The growth of Over the Top (OTT) platforms and video on demand has revolutionized the consumer access and content.Today Cable TV market has wide array of streaming content including International giants like Netflix and  Amazon Prime and the homegrown services like Hotstar and ZEE 5.Thus the consumers have a vast library of content on a multiple devices and can watch their best television shows on Netflix..

The entry of High speed internet and Smartphones, Smart TV has led to this revolution in the Broadcast and cable tv market in India.

Here is the market segmentation of the Broadcasting and Cable Television by Type and Application .

Market segmentation by Type

⦁    Cable TV

⦁    Satellite TV

⦁    Internet Protocol TV

⦁    Digital Terrain TV

Market by Revenue Generation

⦁    Subscriptions

⦁    Advertising

⦁    Public Funds

Market Segmentation by Region

⦁    North

⦁    South

⦁    West

⦁    East

The Major market players in the Indian market 

⦁    Siti Network limited

⦁    Den Network Limited

⦁    Tata Sky Limited

⦁    GTPL Hathway Limited

⦁    Sun Direct TV Private Limited

⦁    Dish TV India Limited

⦁    Bharti Telemedia Limited

⦁    NX Digital Limited

⦁    Fastway Transmission Pvt limited

⦁    Asianet Satellite Communications Limited

You can work in these companies at different job profiles like Cable TV Technician,Network Installation Technician, Broadband Technician and Cable TV Installer technician.

What is the Cable TV technician Salary?

The average annual salary of cable tv technician is between Rs 8139 to Rs 8895 per month.

The Future

Cable television technicians 2024-- A Prolific and Dynamic career

The future of India Broadcast and Cable TV network relies on its ability to innovate and integrate with the emerging technologies. Since the growth of this network is growing at a rate that is greater than that of the global market there are tremendous opportunities in terms of providing employment opportunities. Plus there is an ever increasing scope for one to start his own private operating service in the neighborhood. One can look towards Broadcast and Cable TV network as a employment growing sector in the near future.