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Instructional Design 2021 — The Ultimate and Important Digital Interactive Learning program for Education

The process of  Instructional Design consists broadly of determining the current state and the needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some intervention to assist in the transition.

Digital Deepak Internship Program — Assignment 2

Hello everybody at Digital Deepak Internship Program. After the hectic first assignment at, Digtal Deepak Internship Program it is time for all of us to march ahead and complete assignment number 2. So once again we had a live webinar with Mr Deepak Kanakaraju, this time from Delhi where he was attending a Digital Marketing […]

Education in India — A Historical Perspective till 2021

  Early education in India commenced under the supervision of ‘Guru“. Initially, education was hospitable all and seen together of the methods to realize Moksha or enlightenment. Later due to the superiority complex, education was imparted on the basis of castes with the Brahmins learning about scriptures, Kshatriya the art of warfare, The Vaishya learned […]

Digital Deepak Internship Program 1

  Digital Deepak Internship Program February 25, 2020 will start a new phase in my marketing career as it has introduced me to the new type of marketing “ The Digital Marketing”.  Not that the concept of digital marketing  is totally new to me, but the lessons which I learnt in the course that I […]

How Dermatoglyphics helps in achieving Ultimate Career Planning 2021

What is Dermatoglyphics The word Dermatoglyphyics comes from two Greek words (dermis means the skin and glyphics means the Curve). It refers to the frictional ridge formations which appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The scientific study and analysis of fingerprints are called Dermatoglyphics. The connection between the fingerprints and […]

Job Planning to Placements – How to Develop a Dynamic Career Path in 2021

Job Planning to placements may be a decision-making process that involves learning about yourself and therefore the job market so you’ll expand, not narrow down your options. In the year 2014, there were around three million people’s jobs vacant, because employers can’t fill them there. Why? Because the employers can’t find people with the specified skills to fill them. This discrepancy between […]

Career Planning 2021-The Important Role of Parents in their Child’s future

Research has shown that when children are in the midst of choosing a path, it is their parents who have the greatest influence on their career planning. What is Career Planning? Career planning is a combination of one’s life experiences including one’s work role, community role, as well as one’s learning and leisure experiences. Career […]