From Job Planning to Placements

Job Planning to Placements – How to Develop a Dynamic Career Path in 2021

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Job Planning to placements may be a decision-making process that involves learning about yourself and therefore the job market so you’ll expand, not narrow down your options.

In the year 2014, there were around three million people’s jobs vacant, because employers can’t fill them there.


Because the employers can’t find people with the specified skills to fill them. This discrepancy between the job skills that people have and those required by the employers is widening day by day.

This is really a wierd phenomenon for a 3rd world country like India where things is usually the opposite way around.

In today’s work context, if one wants to understand himself and needs to gather information about himself and therefore the world of labor , he must plan his career exploration from the age of 15.

That’s how the concept of Job planning came into play.

How Career Linked Organizations can help you in Job Planning

From Job Planning to Placements

Organizations like Margdarshak and CERTC, which are into the sector of Career linked education have a crucial role to play for the scholars and job searchers in today’s ever-growing competitive job market. As your career advisors, Margdarshak and CERTC will want you to discover and provide your whole dream with your whole heart.

To do this you must know three basic facts about yourself:
1. What do you love to do and what are you good at?
2. Who ( what kind of people) do you love to work with?
3) Where do you love to work?

What you’re keen on to try to to will basically determine your real Interests, your work Values, and your employability skills through aptitude assessment. You must analyze this information and draw inferences about your dream job.

Whom do you love to work with will determine your preferences towards some types of people with specific traits. There are six sorts of people as per the RIASEC model which are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and traditional .

People love to work with similar types and have more than one trait.
Where you love to work depends upon your comfort level with the work environment. We must remember that we spend at least one-quarter of our life in our workplace.

Your network of contacts plays a really important role in today’s job search and career strategies. Networking may be a skill got to “> you want to get good at because you’ll need to use it throughout your life.

Job Planning for your dream Job

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Your Career Portfolio is extremely important in your career life. Your career portfolio may be a collection of data , you’ve got gathered in several jobs. It consists of the training information you’ve got undergone through copies of awards, commendations, or certificates about specialized training.

You must validate the skills and qualities that every employee is looking for. These are communication skills, honesty and integrity, Teamwork skills, Interpersonal skills, and strong work ethics.

There are four steps to reach your dream job. These are

  1. Conduct Information Interviews
  2. Cultivate contacts and create networks.
  3. Resource organization of Interest.
  4. Begin your campaign to get the job you want.

Information Interview is a process in which you interview people with a particular job or a career before you decide to toss it out or pursue it as a goal. When you have completed your information interview you must have a much clearer of your potential dream jobs. You must know at least 3 to 5 jobs in the local labor market that you could do skills and different businesses that might those jobs in the market place. Information Interviews will reveal whether your best skills match the most common activities or tasks in a particular job and how much the work overlaps your interest.

The people you meet through the knowledge interview become your contacts. You have knowledgeable network like family, friends, and people you recognize . You have knowledgeable network that works is that the same as yours or what you’re curious about . Your contact becomes your ears and eyes.

It is time to find out exactly what the organization has people to do the job you want to do. Your information interviews along side other research will assist you select the place where you would like to figure . From your research, try to come up with at least 5 to 10 organizations that are potential employers for you.

Now begin your campaign to urge the work you would like . Choose the top five organizations where you want to work. Take an appointment with the person in the organizations who will hire there. Talk to him about your skills, training, education, and enthusiasm for this work will make you an outstanding employer in the organization.

Knowing what you would like is that the initiative to creating that life happier. There are a few things you might want to be a part of your whole life. Like your friends, family, a life partner, children. Sports and outdoor activities, Cultural activities,

Travel and time for hobbies, Involvement with communities or religious organizations. Participation in political or environmental causes. Your philosophy of life shapes everything you’re doing also as everything you are and are getting . It shapes all aspects of your life.

Anurag  Dubey

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