News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career

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We all after a certain age watch News on television or hear it on the radio. We read daily newspapers and magazines for news. We do this because we are interested in what is happening in and around us. We want to hear and watch events be it sports, war, disasters, entertainment, or elections pertaining to our interests and that can affect us from our neighborhood to places from all over the world both live and recorded. Not only do they love to watch them but also analyze them. The persons who bring all this to us in the media are called News Anchors.       

News anchoring is a glamorous and flourishing profession due to the very fact that the media and mass communication industry is growing at a tremendous pace both in India and worldwide. You can gauge this fact by seeing the number of news channels on television.  

What is News? 

News is an update on current events. The news is disseminated to us by a number of media publishing houses, postal systems, broadcasting, digital communication, or evidence from spectators and incident witnesses.  

What is News Anchoring? 

News Anchoring is a profession where the news anchor reports on local, national, or international news and events to its audience on radio, television, and even on social media on the internet. The topics covered may include weather, sports, politics, entertainment, economy/business, and technology. News anchors either broadcast live from the studio or make a visit to the vents to gather and share information on events on camera. 

Who are the News Anchors? 

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career

A news anchor is a journalist who reports to the public at large on local, regional, and foreign news reports and events occurring. Their main task is to work closely with reporters to collect information, broadcast newscasts, and also present news stories in an insightful, impartial and meaningful manner as a lead journalist on television to the viewers. The news anchor, these people anchor a news channel together or keep it up to date. 

They also have to maintain continuity in their news stories between the segments. News anchors who are successful have their fans, captured viewers who trust and prioritize them in a particular market over other news channels.  

A few of the famous news anchors in India are Barkha Dutt, Rahul Kanwal, Rajat Sharma, Rajdeep Sardesai, Pranab, Arnab Goswamy, Gaurav Kalra, Ravish Kumar, Nidhi Rajdan,  Shewate Singh, Abhigyan Prakash, and Vikram Chandra.

What does the News Anchor do? 

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career 


The News Anchor’s job is to analyze, interpret and broadcast news received from various sources. Here is the news anchor job description.  

  • Debriefing 

  It is just after the newscast we have Debriefing. Debriefing is done to discuss all the technical issues, failures and successes, and discussing strengths and weaknesses with all journalists and technicians involved in the newscast. Here an analysis of the newscast may be done to help focus on improving the following newscast. 

  • Attend Meetings 

  The Newsroom meeting is held six to eight hours before the newscast to create a news broadcast of the day. The meeting lasts for about twenty to forty minutes. Every meeting has its own agenda and starts with a rundown of the news. Although it is conducted for News Anchors, the managers and technical staff are also included in the meeting. 

  • Newscasting 

   A Newscast is defined as a compilation of news segments that have been edited. It lasts for about 22 minutes. A newscast is made by news anchors and directors. News anchors write and deliver the newscast in such a way that the viewers can experience a concise selection of news. 

  • Preparatory meeting 

  The Preparatory meeting occurs four to two hours prior to the newscast. The news anchor settles the rundown of the newscast with the help of the director. This rundown is used by all production departments, such as on-set cameramen, news anchors, engineering personnel, assistant director, visual effects staff, and sound engineers.  


What are the Types of News Anchors? 

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career


Besides being a news anchor there are several other career paths related to new anchors. Here are a few of them. 

  • Columnist 

Columnists write in a series for the journals, They generate an article offering critique and opinions. Columns appear in the form of small paragraphs in Newspapers, magazines as well other editorials. Columnists can write on any topic that strikes them like sports, health, and entertainment. 

  • News Editor 

News editors evaluate various prints and media attributes to improve the job of the editor. They manage and produce news with accuracy, flow, and timeliness. They develop creative and specific approaches to improve reporting of daily news. News readers also Monitor and update content in order to meet the needs of their readers. 

  • Assignment reporter 

These reporters report prominent events. Their work involves writing articles about community news incidents like road accidents, fire accidents, or celebrity appearances. They work at the assignment desk which is the newsroom nerve room. 

  • Sports Reporter 

Sports reporters collect relevant information on sports and publish it as sports news. They also attend sports events, and interview sportsmen, coaches, and other people involved in sports.  

  • Business Reporter 

Business reporters investigate business stories and establish new concepts for business news reporting. They have to remain updated on the latest news and events in the industry. 

  • Entertainment reporter 

Entertainment reporters are reporters who report news and events from arts and entertainment. They also write blogs; broadcast news reports or online articles. They report the story and activities in the film industry, television, and music.  

What are the Skills required to become a News Anchor? 

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career

Here are a few of the skills that one must possess to become a News Anchor.

1. Communication Skills

A good news anchor must have excellent communication skills both in verbal and written. They must be excellent orators. They must be able to perform comfortably, especially in front of the camera. 

 2. Ability to report accurately 

A good news reporter must be an ethical reporter. He must write and report the events accurately regardless of any prejudice or bias. They need to look at each and every aspect of the issue in detail. 

3. Critical & Creative Thinking 

A news anchor must have the ability to think creatively and critically since they have to report news immediately while keeping the audience engaged with the news.  

4. Interviewing Skills 

The ability to interview in front of the camera in such a way so as to keep the viewers engaged is one of the skills that every news reporter or anchor must possess. 

5. Stress Tolerance 

The news anchor must be able to work and meet the deadlines. They must be able to cope with the stress well. 

6. Presence of mind 

News anchors may have to do multiple shows on different topics like debates, interviewing a celebrity or flash news. Sometimes they have to handle situations where they need a strong presence of mind. 

7. Leadership 

News anchors must be able to coordinate and host a show in front of the camera. He must also be able to groom young news anchors and producers. 

8. Social media skills 

Today social media like Facebook and Twitter face an important role in our daily lives. A successful news anchor must have good social media skills and must be able to explore social media platforms more and more.  

9. Appealing Personality 

An attractive, Pleasing personality and a well-groomed voice always go a long way for news anchors as they face the camera most of the time.  


How do you become a News Anchor/News Reporter? 



News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career


To start a news anchor career, you require a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in journalism, mass communication, or a related field. There are three career paths for you to become a news anchor: 

  1. You can complete your graduation in any subject and then go for a diploma or short-term certificate course in journalism and related fields.  
  2. You can complete graduation in any subject and then complete post-graduation in mass communication or journalism. 
  3. You can complete graduation in Journalism or Mass Communication.  

Eligibility to become a News Anchor 

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career

  • Mass communication and Journalism institutes and courses are open to students of all streams 
  • You must have at least one language in your 12th. 
  • You must have a minimum of 50% in your 12th class. Some colleges also ask for a cut-off in the English language also. 
  • Most colleges have an entrance test for getting admission in Mass communication and journalism in G.K. English, reading comprehension, and reading. 


What do you study in Mass Communication/Journalism? 


Courses in Mass communication/journalism equip you with the necessary skills for efficient and effective visual communication of news and information relating to current events and public affairs. Their training prepares students for broadcast careers in reporting, producing, and newsroom management.  

Here is the list of subjects that you study in Mass Communication/Journalism; 

  • Print Media 
  • Reporting & Editing 
  • Behavioural Science 
  • News & Contemporary issues 
  • National & International issues 
  • Public Relations 
  • Media Management 
  • Advertising 
  • Visual Communication 
  • Film Theory and Practice. 


List of colleges for Graduation in Mass Communication/Journalism

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career 

  • Delhi School of Journalism 
  • Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University 
  • IP College for Women, Delhi University 
  • St Xavier’s College, Mumbai 
  • Jai Hind College, Mumbai University 
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi 
  • A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 
  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication 
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai 
  • Sri Aurbindo Institute of mass communication, Pondicherry 
  • Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore  
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune 
  • Sri Centre for Media Studies, Bengaluru 
  • Indian Academy of Mass Communication, Chennai 
  • Times School of Media, Bennett University, Noida  

List of colleges for Post-graduation in Mass communication/Journalism 

  • A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi 
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai 
  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication 


Why Should you Become a News Anchor?   

News Anchor 2022- Welcome to a Glamorous and an Exciting Career
How to become a news anchor

Let us first look at the Industrial scenario of the Indian Media & Entertainment Industry 

  • India has the fifth largest media and entertainment market in the world. 
  • India’s media and entertainment industry is expected to grow by 10-12% per annum as per the CAGR report to 1000 billion dollars by 2030. 
  • By 2025 television households will cover 71% of total households in India at a growth rate of 5% per annum. 
  • In 2021 India’s television industry was worth 778 billion dollars.   
  • There are a total of 892 Television channels in India with 403 news channels. A few of the Indian news channels that dominate the market are Republic T.V., Times Now, and India Today news channel.  
  • The low cost of basic cable T.V. which is as low as $ 2 per month makes India the 2nd largest number of pay-TV subscribers in the world, next only to China. 


As the News channels in India grow at a rapid pace, both at the local and national levels, so are the news anchor job openings. Prominent news anchors are in demand as viewers tune in to get their news and reviews. News anchors deliver their news and also act as influencers to the audience.   

News anchor Salary Package 

The News anchor’s salary  in India at the start of your career ranges from Rs 12,000 to 25,000 per month. It can increase to Rs 50,000 to 100,000 per month with an experience of 5 years. Established and highest-paid news anchors in India can earn up to 12 lakhs to 50 lacs per annum. Abroad the salary of an experienced new anchor is between $87,000 to $110,000 per annum. 

In addition to the salary, News anchors are entitled to perks and allowances like Personal Grooming allowance, Personal Brand Building allowance, Allowance for contacting celebrities, politicians, and social workers, visiting different cities, etc.  


TV anchoring is regarded as Journalism at its best.TV anchors have become stars and role models in the world of journalism with a large number of fans. News anchors as a career are now well sought after. With the growth of digital media, the number of employment opportunities has increased at a rapid pace. However, competition for this job is high as the number of applicants is greater than vacancies. Even then job scenario for news anchor is quite promising, especially at the entry-level,