Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

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Talent is a rare quality which very few of us possess.It requires a lot of knowledge, skill, natural talent and passion to do something that is unique and has value in the society.Something that others admire. Very few of us can excel as actors, singers, dancers, sportsmen  and so on . Even fewer of us have the talent and passion to enter the exotic and illustrious world of Painting Artist career and the Sculpture career.It is a rare talent  that only a small fraction of us possess.

If this Talent or God-Gift can be harness in a proper manner one can succeed tremendously in his career.He will have to cultivate this raw talent into something that is productive and beneficial to the society.No doubt we have scientific methods  and tools to identify, cultivate and harness these talents in the early childhood in schools from where one can go a long way.

Let us discuss about the career as painter and a sculpture separately in this article

Painting Artist Career

Painting and Painter

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

Painting is a form of art that helps people gain knowledge about history, increase cultural appreciation, and enhance creativity.

Painting Artists are those people who use their unique talent to create visual art in different mediums. For this they use different techniques and materials to create the art form.

Let us explore the career in painting, steps to pursue this creative field and look at some career opportunities as Painter.

Advantages of Painting Artist Career?

Painting Artist career is highly fulfilling and rewarding. A good painter is recognized all over the world and his talents are widely appreciated.His painting can command a heft price both in terms of prestige and money.Painters work at fine and commercial studios, museums, galleries, or exhibitions. Let us look at the reasons for us to pursue a career as a painter.

1. Painting Artist Career helps in Self-Expression

Painting brings out creativity inside you to the people who appreciate it.It helps you to develop your identity and personality.It is also a form of communication of your thoughts and recording your personal experiences.

2. It brings a sense of purpose and Self-fulfillment

Being a creative process that brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment, painting contributes towards your personal development. It helps you to understand new perspectives and sense of pride that contributes to your well-being and realize your creative vision.

3. It offers flexibility

Painting offers a wide range of opportunities with the possibility of freelancing, commission work, gallery exhibitions and teaching.

4. It offers autonomy

Painters enjoy creative freedom. You have greater control over your work as a painter than any other profession.You can build your own business and work independently as a painter.

How to Start a Painting Artist Career?

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

It is true that that most painters have a natural talent within them that can take them a long way in their career path if guided by proper training and good teacher.Of course not everyone of us  can get a teacher like Dronacharya, yet we can succeed if they have inclination to win the struggle against all odds.

To become a successful painter you must plan strategically.You must discover the answer to why you want to become a painter, your niche as painter to convey proper expressions or ideas.

Your brush strokes define your signature styles.

Master painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet , Pablo Picasso, and Jackson Pollock were able to solve technical challenges on perspective perception, color, and form. Successful painters are able to document their observations throughout history in various styles such as figurative, abstraction, narrative, compositional, symbolic, landscapes, and still life.

Movements or Schools of Realism , Impressionism, Surrealism, Modernism, and Photorealism characterize the types of paintings.

Painters also have a choice of medium and technique. They have the choice to use gouache,acrylic, ink, pastel, or spray paint on canvas, glass, metals,walls, or concrete.

Following are the steps that you need to pursue to be successful in your ambition to become a painter.

1. Complete your education

You must complete your 10 + 2 examination with a minimum of 45% or above from a recognized board.

After that you can opt for a course in painting through a bachelor’s degree , diploma, certification or an online course in painting.

You need to prepare for university entrance examinations such as Common University Entrance Test(CUET), Jamia Millia Islamia Engineering Entrance Examination(JMIEEE), Fine Arts and Design Entrance Examination(FADEE), and Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam(AMUEE).

Some of the undergraduate degrees include a Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA), a BFA in painting and Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting.You may also go for advanced degrees such as Master of Arts(MA) and Master’s of Fine Arts(MFA().

2. Polish your Skills

You must be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses,enhance creative growth, and find your style of painting.This will help you to hone your skills. You can also read art books, study art experts, take art workshops, and visit galleries to learn more about various forms, and styles of painting.All these tasks will help you in finding your niche and creating your signature style.

3. Take Internship

Internships help you to get first hand experience of the job which you are about to take in the industry.Therefore you must apply for art internships for painting which will help you get a full time job at art galleries, museums, advertising firms, film studios and publishing companies.

4. Learn about the business of art.

You will have to work under a Mentor to learn about the essential principles of running an art business to help you in finding your career path. Your mentor will help you understand the art world and how things work there. He will guide you, offer constructive criticism and feedback and help you introduce you to galleries, collectors and other artists.

5. Grow your Professional Network

You will have to create contact and grow your professional network in the art domain to help you in your career growth.You can do this by attending gallery openings, museums and exhibitions to meet other painters, curators, and collectors. You will also have to create an online presence on social media platforms to connect to a wider audience and grow your network.You can also meet other industry experts,gain experience and build relationships by volunteering at art  events and galleries.

Scope of Painting Artist Career

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

Most of us may have the secret desire, talent and skills to become a painter but the idea of a “Starving Artist” deters us.This fear deters us to make a career in many other professions also. Most of us choose this career to become a “Thriving artist” which remain a distant dream at the beginning of the career.

If you want to make big as painter in the industry your career path must not be linear.You will have to do additional jobs to support yourselves.To be a successful painter you will have many ups and down in your career.You must be able to ride in the rough times.The qualities of patience, persistence and consistent practice to achieve success in the art world play a very important role here if you possess them.

Like any other profession you will have to start somewhere to start your career as painter.Initially you will not earn much but the earning will increase once you gain recognition and become an established artist.

In the U.S. the average painting career salary as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BSL), the average income for artists (including painters, sculptors and illustrators) is Rs 50,000 in 2019.But most painters will have to sell their art to the public. For this they will have to set up their own shop to sell their paintings.

In India the average painting career salary in India is Rs 55,576 per month as per Glassdoor. The average additional cash compensation for an Artist in India is Rs 30,576 with a range from Rs 11,500 to Rs 1,15,500.

Painting Artist Job Description

After completing your specialization and internship in painting here are some painting artist jobs offered to you by the industry.

1. Fine Art Painter

Fine Art Painters paint their subjects in a variety of styles like realism,impressionism,expressionism, and abstract.

2. Art Restorer

The work of an Art Restorer is to preserve, repair and restore various cultural artworks such as sculptors, painting, and antiquities to their original condition.

3. Art Curator

Art curators acquire. collect and catalogue artwork and exhibit them in art galleries, museums and heritage centres.

4. Scientific Illustrator

The role of the scientific illustrators is to produce highly detailed images of plants, animals, human anatomy or geological formations.

5. Art Teacher

Art teachers compile and teach lessons on art, and art history to meet the learning objectives.They also maintain art records, artworks and art portfolios of students.

6. Set Designer

Set designers study scripts to understand the scriptwriter’s vision and work with directors to create concepts for production.

 Sculpture Career in India

The roots of sculpture are embedded in folk arts,religion, traditions and culture. It is the visual expressions of three dimensions in solid form.

Sculptors and Sculptures?



Sculptors are artists who create art by using materials like clay, wood, and stone. A sculptor is an expert in carving man-made or natural objects into art pieces and statues.

Sculpture is an art of creating objects that feature a person, thing or an idea using materials like terracotta, stone ,clay wood, metal, etc. The art which was practiced since the primitive era has undergone tremendous evolution with new forms and technology.Sculpture is the visual expression of three dimensions in a solid form.

The world class sculpture “The Thinker” was created by the Sculptor  “Auguste Rodin”.

Skills required for a Sculptor Career

Sculptors must have following qualities to be successful in their career.

  1.   Dedication
  2.   Expressive skills in sculpture
  3.   Creativity
  4.   Experience
  5.   Attention to Detail
  6.   Good Kinesthetic Coordination
  7.   Ability to innovate
  8.   Artistic Vision
  9.   Computer Literacy
  10.   Marketing skills
  11.   Presentation skills
  12.   Ability to visualize

How to start a Sculptor Career in India?

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

In case  have some kind of artistic skill you can consider becoming a sculptor as a career. For that you will have to take up any course in art or sculpture and make your career in the field. Although a tough course initially it will have a promising field that will lead to generating a good income for you in the future.

There are several courses available in sculpture such as bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as diploma and certificate courses.The courses provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.You learn subjects like 2D design,drawing,painting,wood and stone carving, etc.You also gain knowledge of various subjects like history of art, Indian and Western aesthetics, drawing and painting, mural painting, landscape painting, etching and lithography, still life painting, composition, life study, printmaking, etc.

Are you fascinated by the artwork in Indian culture and have some kind of artistic skill? Have you considered making such art your career? If yes, you can take any course in art or sculpture and make your career in this field. It seems tough initially but it is a very promising field that will lead to generating a good income for you in the future. Learn through this article the scope of sculpture and available courses to lead you on the right career path in this field.

There are several courses available in sculpture, such as bachelor’s and masters’ programs, as well as diploma and certificate courses. Courses are designed in such a way that they provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. Students learn 2D design, drawing, painting, wood and stone carving, etc.

Some of the courses in sculpture are given below.

1. Bachelors of Fine arts in Sculpture (B.F.A. in Sculpture)

After completing your 10+2 board examination which is the minimum eligibility for this course you can join the B.F.A. program. It is a four year degree course consisting of 8 semesters.The students receive both foundation and professional training in sculpture. They learn the basics of drawing, color design, and adequate knowledge of the history of art and aesthetics.

Admission to the BFA programe may be through merit or entrance exams.

2. Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Painting and Visual Communication. (M.F.A.)

MFA is a postgraduate course.It is a two years course and helps students to develop as practicing artists in the visual arts.The course helps students to study  major disciplines lime drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, performance, installation, photo media, and time-based art.

The minimum eligibility for candidates to seek admission to MFA in sculpture is a degree in BFA.The admission to this program is either on merit or entrance exam.

3. Master of Visual Arts in Sculpture(Portraiture/Composition)

MVA in sculpture is a three year full time program consisting of four course.In this programme the students learn the history of art and technique, the social aspect of traditional art forms in India, philosophy of art, creative crafts, research methodology, and specialization subjects.

The minimum eligibility to join this program is that students must pass their 10+2 board and complete their BVA or BFA programme.Admission is based on merit or sometimes through entrance exam.

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Sculpture

This Postgraduate diploma course is a one year course of two semesters.It is offered both full time and part time by many universities and colleges.Admission is based on merit or an entrance exam.

5. Diploma in Fine Arts in Sculpture

It is a one year course where students gain practical skills in the sculpture.

Eligibility condition is 10+2 from a recognized board. The admission is through a merit or entrance exam.

6. Certificate course in Sculpture

Some universities like IGNOU offer certificate courses in sculpture for six months.

The minimum eligibility is 10th grade.


In India the Ministry of culture takes care of the Arts and Culture. It has offered several schemes like providing scholarships to the young and deserving  artists in this art. Some of the popular scholarships are given below.

⦁    The Emerging Arts Award by the foundation for Indian Contemporary Art(FICA).

⦁    ICCR Scholarship Scheme by Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

⦁    Khoj Fellowship

⦁    Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarships

⦁    Ratan Tata Trust Scholarship

⦁    Sanskriti- Kalakriti Fellowships

⦁    Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarships

⦁    Khoj Fellowships

⦁    Current Talent Search Scholarship Scheme Krishnakriti Foundation in Hyderabad in Hyderabad and French Embassy.

Colleges Studies in Sculptures

Here are few of the colleges where you can seek information in case you want to make your career in Sculpture.

⦁    Banaras Hindu University(BHU), Varanasi

⦁    Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, New Delhi

⦁    Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissur

⦁    Indra Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU), New Delhi

⦁    Indra Kala Sangit Viswavidyalaya,Khairagarh

⦁    Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

⦁    Jawahar Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University(JNAFAU), Hyderabad

⦁    Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai

⦁    Ipcowala- Santram College of Fine Arts, Vallabh Vidyanager

⦁    Lalit Kala Academy Scholarships

⦁    Foundation for Indian Contemporary(FICA)

Why to start a Sculpture Career in India?

Welcome to an Exotic world of Painting Artist Career and Sculptor Career -2024

You can find work in art galleries, art studios, theaters and their websites, artefact shops, architectural firms, gaming firms, toy shops, manufacturing firm, national heritage sites, colleges and universities, museums, advertising firms, and government offices after completing your course in sculpture.Skilled sculptors are in high demand and there is lot of  good job opportunities for Sculpture.

Job Profiles of Sculptors

Here are few of the job-profiles of sculptors which you can work as.

1. 3D Texturing Artist

This job is suitable for persons who are interested in 3D animated objects.

2. Stone Sculptor

One can take this job if he is interested and talented in stone carving.

3. Freelance Artist

Freelance Artists work for a short term or contractual basis.

4. Sculptor/ Modeler/Clay Modeler/Molder

This job is good for those who are experts in plastic,clay or wax.

5. Craft Artist

Craft Artist creates artwork for specific purposes ike an exhibition or sale using different types of materials and techniques..

6. Art and Craft Teacher

You can work as an Art and Craft teacher in schools and colleges and teach drawing and art skills to the upcoming students in sculpture.

7. Lecturer and Professor

In case you completed a higher degree in sculpture you can also apply for the post of lecturer and professor in colleges.

8. Clay-Pottery Trainer

They are in huge demand and they make and paint clay statues.You can work as trainer in clay-pottery training centres.

9. Art Directors

You can also work as art directors for magazines, style and aesthetics of a project. They determine how to situate art and which pieces to use for the best impact.

10. Woodworker/Carpenter

One can work as a carpenter and get involved in the construction of furniture, and woodwork in buildings, shops and houses.

11. Metalworker

Metalworkers are required by a large number of industries where they are required to create artwork using metals.

12. Furniture Designers

Furniture Designers are hired by reputable furniture companies and design firms.

13. Interior Decorator/ Designer

If you are creative you can work as interior designer and decorators.

14. Exhibition Designer

As Exhibition designer you collaborate with curators to plan themed exhibitions and shows of artists’ works.

Salary of Sculptor

At the entry level you can earn from Rs 2,16,000 to Rs 3,50,000 a year. This can further increase to Rs 500,000 per year once you have  gained experience.Right now the market can give RS 5,000 per month to Rs 50,000 per month in various institutions of Sculptures given above where you can work with different job profiles.You can earn even more say in lacs per month as your network grows.


Both these fields comes under Fine Arts which is a much broader field and includes many more subjects like Artist, Muralist,Ice Carver, Portrait Artist, Illustrator etc.If you are a creative soul and love to paint and sculpturing you can consider a career in Painting and Sculpture. You can draw inspiration from India’s top fine artists like Maqbool Fida Husain, Francis Newton Souza, Syed Haider Raza, Francis Newton to name a few.